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The concept for our company was a team effort. After talking with business owners and technical stakeholders at several corporate conferences, founder Kelly Thompson, kept hearing, “Our Training programs are outdated, we don’t have enough budget or staff to really teach our employees how to be awesome at their jobs. Tired of the continuous process of finding clients, wooing them into hiring her for projects and then having to start over again once the project was complete, she dreamed of a better way.

By teaming up with other seasoned technical, sales and business trainers, Ms. Thompson realized that combing their efforts could help clients overcome their learning gaps.


Addison is the name of the high school where Kelly’s grandma, Barbara Thompson was the valedictorian in 1940. Barbara Thompson, went on to attend Michigan State University. She was a teacher, flight attendant and then one of the 1st women school board presidents in the USA. She worked with Martin Luther King Jr to have him come and speak at their school in 1968, just before he was killed. She has spent most of her life pushing boundaries for better education and women’s rights. Today she is 95 and living in a suburb of Detroit.

Each year Addison Learning will select a student from Addison High School in Commonwealth, Michigan, to be honored with a scholarship to use towards college. To find out more, please email us.

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Kelly Thompson with her mom, great Grandma Irene, Grandma Doris and Grandma Barbara