SDL BluePrinting & Content STRATEGY

What Is BluePrinting™? BluePrinting™ is used by Fortune 500 companies primarily to leverage the use of global and local content within multiple websites, and is an out-of-the box solution that allows organizations to manage their multi-channel, multi-dimensional communication from within a single solution. The foundation of BluePrinting™ is that each publication (the highest-level directory structure) within SDL Tridion can be configured as its own unique site or as a parent/child structure that can hide, inherit, localize and publish data. This architecture enables your business communication professionals to effortlessly use shared resources across multiple websites, while retaining control over content that makes each site unique. When designed and implemented properly, BluePrinting™ can leverage and empower brand management, multi-channel microsites, information architecture (IA) designs, taxonomy, SEO/search, campaigns and editorial workflows. SDL Tridion’s BluePrinting™ technology addresses multiple needs of current organizations that use a variety of platforms to publish content for the web, mobile, social media and tablets. 


Six Key Areas

1. Multi-site management
2. Brand consistency
3. Brand relevancy & localization
4. Target audience marketing
5. Multi-channel management
6. Microsite rollout and management

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